Sarah Noble Library

Sarah Noble Library

Embodying the biblical values of Sarah, the Sarah Noble Library stands as an inviting beacon of hospitality and perseverance for all in the pursuit of knowledge and truth. We provide an extensive array of resources and a nurturing community to support the pursuit of your calling and your heart’s greatest longings. No matter how demanding or prolonged the journey, we embolden you to draw upon Sarah’s unwavering faith in the fulfillment of a promised future.

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Book Club

Drawing inspiration from Benjamin Franklin’s original Junto, also known as the Leather Apron Club, our weekly gatherings, “Apron Discourses” and “Leather Exchange,” embody the democratic spirit of the original club. Just as the Leather Apron Club welcomed tradesmen and artisans, indicating a break from elitism, our gatherings are open to all who seek knowledge and truth.


In addition to the book club, we also host thought-provoking symposiums, inviting distinguished thinkers and authors to share their ideas and writings. These curated events, held periodically, offer a platform for vibrant dialogues and intellectual exploration, embodying our commitment to hospitality and perpetual learning.