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Drawing inspiration from Benjamin Franklin’s original Junto, also known as the Leather Apron Club, our weekly gatherings, “Apron Discourses” and “Leather Exchange,” embody the democratic spirit of the original club. Just as the Leather Apron Club welcomed tradesmen and artisans, indicating a break from elitism, our gatherings are open to all who seek knowledge and truth.

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Apron Discourses

At Apron Discourses, our goal is to cultivate a community of lifelong learners dedicated to exploring life’s essential values. Our purpose is to collectively create a living document, which we call the “Junto Canon.” This ongoing work captures our shared understanding of the good life, drawn from our deep reflection on concepts of human flourishing, human nature, and the human condition. Through discussions inspired by political philosophers, psychologists, and literary writers, we continuously refine our insights. With each passing year, we incorporate these fresh perspectives into an updated edition of the Junto Canon, an evolving testament to our collective intellectual journey.

Week 1

At the start of each month, members are given a selection of excerpts from renowned authors and thinkers, each related to the monthly theme.

Week 2

Members choose an excerpt to study and meet in groups with those who chose the same piece. In these gatherings, members share their individual insights and interpretations.

Week 3

We reshuffle the groups to include members who have read different excerpts. This allows for a broader dialogue and exchange of ideas, deepening our understanding of the topic.

Week 4

In the final week, members work together to update a section of the Junto Canon, integrating the insights gained from the month’s exploration.


We revisit each topic every year, continually evolving our understanding of life’s fundamental values. Our collective insights culminate in the annual publication of a revised edition of the Junto Canon.

Leather Exchange

At Leather Exchange, our members come together not just to share their current reads, but also to forge deeper, personal connections with club members. Moving beyond the structure of a traditional book club, where everyone reads the same book, the Leather Exchange values the diversity of our members’ intellectual interests, providing an opportunity to share our individual reading journeys and the insights they provoke. In doing so, we invite others into our world of thought, sparking intellectual dialogue which becomes a shared experience that nurtures personal bonds. Here, every story told, every perspective revealed, and every new author discovered is a catalyst for connection, understanding, and friendship.