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About Us

Welcome to the School of Theoria, a community dedicated to the enrichment of the mind and soul through music, philosophy, and art. Our space encompasses a music cafe that hosts periodic live concerts, a library that hosts periodic book clubs, and a theater that hosts festivals, ceremonies, and various participatory art forms. 

Our unifying philosophy is “Theoria as a way of life,” inspired by the multifaceted meanings of “theoria” in Ancient Greek thought. In the realm of philosophy, “theoria” signified the pursuit of truth, knowledge, and the essence of things through deep contemplation as an end in itself. Politically, “theoria” encouraged learning and dialogue as civic duty, fostering informed citizenry capable of critical thinking and reasoned decision-making. In the religious sphere, it implied a spiritual pilgrimage or a ritual participation intended to achieve communion with the divine and sacred. Moreover, the Japanese term for “theoria,” 観想(kansou), adds another layer of meaning, emphasizing seeing or appreciating the beauty of something as it truly is.

At the School of Theoria, we seek to incorporate these diverse aspects of “theoria” into our everyday lives. Our music cafe is a niche for those who seek beauty in music, our library is a forum for philosophical contemplation, and our theater is a space for spiritual connection through storytelling. We invite you to join us in this enriching journey, as we embrace “theoria” in all its depth and richness.


Cafe Nocturne

Sarah Noble Library

Mythos Theater

Junto – Book Club

Our club convenes twice weekly, encouraging the exploration of both collective themes and individual interests. In our thematic gatherings, we explore concepts of human flourishing through theories of human nature and the human condition in order to develop values that enrich both our community and our personal lives. Our alternate session is aimed at cultivating personal connections within our club through sharing intellectual interests and current reads. Inspired by the spirit of Benjamin Franklin’s Junto, we aim to foster a sense of community, dialogue, and mutual improvement among avid readers.

Come, join our circle, and contribute to the rich tapestry of ideas that is the legacy of the original Junto.

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